Nothing Lasts Forever But the Earth, Sky and Plastic

It’s 2055, and the forces are gathering. General Tines Plasticia, leader of the Plastics Genus, must decide with whom he and his forces will align, in order to preserve the lives of his troops and his family. The machines have come to observe the work ethic of the insects- and their ability to survive any environmental disaster, but of all the enemy forces to fear- Methaniel and his C02 troops are the most deadly. They’re waiting. And they’re certain the earth is theirs to destroy. But deep below the surface, Terramater desperately races against time to repel Methaniel and his forces. With Science, faith and wisdom, this battered heroine brings together a most unlikely force of allies who give the very last of what they have to save the planet.

Death & Amelia

Amelia is a 7 yr-old girl- just like any, but living with lymphoblastic leukemia. That doesn’t stop her from being a normal girl, with a tree-house and a cat named Lydia. She proves to be stronger than the doctors know- as she converses with two spirits, and asserts her will to stay in this world so that she can play with her favorite toys, and see her cat again. Meanwhile, the spirits know one another from a previous life encounter, and discuss what their jobs are in the spirit world and why they feel it’s important. Death & Amelia is a dark comedy with a philosophical twist.

Strange Confessions

Peyton is an eccentric writer, who suffers from chronic agoraphobia. When the world gets to be too much for her extremely sensitive mind and deep perception of others, she withdraws into the safety of her apartment, in a rambling New York pre-war building. As a result of recent construction in the building, the air vent system has created a virtual telephone effect through Peyton’s centrally located kitchen vent. The things she hears of her neighbors, combined with her creative imagination work her into a frenzy, as she imagines someone in the building needs to be saved. But from this voyeuristic foray into these neighbors’ lives, the audience sees that everyone needs saving to a degree, including Peyton. From a troubled marriage, to a gambling habit, an anchor-less soul in search of family, to a WWll survivor, to a young artist with a prescription habit- these neighbors’ lives run parallel to one-another, living anonymously as they pass each-other silently in the hallways and perhaps exchange polite nothings in the elevator. While some of these neighbors come to their own terms with their life conflicts, Peyton- struggling with her own fears, manages to bring her perspective of life’s philosophies within the hubbub of NYC living to the forefront, culminating to uncover a secret from her subconscious which has haunted her for decades.

Starter Kids

Justin comes to grips with his new lifestyle as a latchkey kid while his father moves away with a new and much younger wife and his mother juggles her career with a marriage proposal that would make them a family of five. Justin pals up with his young neighbor Audrey, who lives with her Dad and frequents her father’s veterinary clinic. Together, they discover a world of relationships between rehabilitating animals and their unlikely companions.

Spay & Neuter PSA

Written, produced & performed by Laura MacLean